What makes JK Cement Limited the no.1 wall putty manufacturer in India?

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Home beautification is not just about home renovations. It is something that instantly reflects the personality of the people living in these homes. The planning on the furnishing, choosing the appropriate wall colour, the style and tone of the house is all on the homeowners to decide. 

But there could be certain things that do not catch homeowner’s attention. One such thing is the use of putty on our walls before painting them. People often tend to oversee the fact that wall putties are considered essential for durability and to enhance the appearance of a house. 

Hence, if you are wishing to experience luxury living backed with optimum protection, JKCement range of wall putties is your best alternative. Designed with the purpose to provide innovative solutions and products to meet the dynamic needs of their customers, each one of their wall putties and its variants has unique characteristics and all serve different purposes effectively.

JKCement has been the leading white cement manufacturer in the world and their wall putties have been widely acclaimed for their superior quality and unbeatable white coverage especially the JKCement WallMaxX White Cement Based Putty. It is the ultimate choice of numerous Indian households and construction companies for home beautification and construction needs.

To be the No.1 wall putty manufacturer in India, they have been consistently working on creating a culture of magnificence which inspires and promotes excellence in their products and services through new ideas and continuous improvement. Not only this, they have been completely committed to follow best practices and ethics in all our verticals be it production, operations, new product launch or supply chain. There are many considerations which define why JKCement are the No.1 wall putty manufacturer in India. Let’s explore them in detail. 

Assurance with high quality products

JKCement has always adhered to offer high quality in all our products, including wall putties, white cement, gypsum plaster, etc. Their products such as the JKCement SmoothMaxX, JKCement WallMaxX, JKCement LevelMaxX, and other wall putties are made with international standard advanced technology which ensures that the walls of your home remain smooth, glossy and durable. 

Moreover, during the development stage, their MaxX range of wall putties pass through numerous quality checks. This is done to make sure that it retains its potent utility throughout the various stages of home construction. 

No more dampness

As India is home to diverse climates, it often experiences changes in weather patterns. Furthermore, these environmental factors like heavy rain can lead to wall damaging issues such as dampness or leakages on the interior and exterior surfaces of your home.

Hence, it is essential to do high-end waterproofing of your home by using supremely beneficial water-resistant wall putty such as the JKCement ShieldMaxX Universal Waterproof Putty. Along with higher coverage and a velvet-like finish, this product adds a water-proof layer to the walls of your house. Furthermore, it also provides resistance against dampness to increase the paint life of the walls.

Impressive adhesion strength 

The JKCement wall putty and its variants are known to have incredible adhesion and compressive strength. When talking about these two features, you might be wondering what these terms actually mean when it comes to making a decision regarding which wall putty to use for the overall safety of your home.

Superior adhesion refers to the likelihood of two dissimilar surfaces bonding with each other whereas compressive strength is all about a material having the capacity to withstand loads inclined towards reducing size. To explain in layman’s terms, wall putties provide the necessary strength for house structures to ensure they stay stronger and tougher during rough times like extreme weather conditions and also be able to resist heavy structural loads.

JKCement wall putties with their high-quality and distinct features such as superior adhesion, compressive strength, and high-end waterproofing are truly a miracle in the world of the construction industry. With all these features and benefits, JKCement has become the first choice for homeowners and its increasing production capacity makes it the No.1 wall putty manufacturer in India.

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