White Portland Cement

JK WhiteMaxX best white cement

JKC WhiteMaxX is a superior product of advanced technology with the dual virtues of strength and aesthetics, that has expanded the creative horizon for the building and construction industry. JK White Cement is now the preferred brand for silky smooth exterior/interior walls and ceilings, mosaic tiles, terrazzo flooring and white cement based value-added products.

Masonry Compound for General Repairs

Jk Cement RepairmaxX Masonry Compound for General Repairs

JKC RepairMaxX is a ready to use white masonry compound which is used to fill cracks and gaps on interior and exterior surfaces. It is formulated with an advanced Bonding Agent that ensures incomparable crack-bridging ability for plaster cracks upto 5 mm. It acts as a multi-purpose sealer with 4 main applications - sealing, joining, fixing and repairing.

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There’s no curing required in the application of JKC WhiteMaxX.

Generally 2 coats of the mixture is needed to cover the wall evenly.

The Advanced Bonding Agent ensures incomparable crack bridging ability for plaster cracks upto 10mm.

Sealing, joining, fixing and repairing.