JK Super Cement - OPC (43)

A premium Super Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC - 43 Grade), suitable for all construction applications

About JK Super OPC 43

JK Super Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC - 43 Grade) produced by grinding the best quality clinker with superior quality gypsum in desired quantity confirming to IS 269:2015. This is the most common all-purpose ordinary Portland cement used for construction & precast concrete requirements.

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Benefits of JK Super OPC 43

Superior Compressive Strength

Sulphate & Chloride Resistant

Low Alkali Content for enhance protection

Optimum Fineness & Better Workability


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Application Of JK Super OPC 43

JK Super OPC 43 can be used in the following structures:

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    Residential & Commercial Projects

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    Highways, Bridges & Dams

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    Pre-stressed Concrete

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    High Rise Buildings & Runways


Calcareous and argillaceous materials like limestone, clay, shale, etc., are finely ground and heated in a kiln to form Portland clinker. When Portland clinker is mixed with gypsum, it produces Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC). OPC is suitable for all general construction works, particularly high-strength concrete work.

The number 43 in OPC (43) is the cement grade. Grade of cement is the compressive strength of cement at 28 days of curing. A 150 mm x 150 mm cube of concrete is sampled to test the compressive strength. Further, the compressive strength of cement is referred to the ability of concrete to withstand load before deflecting.

Yes, it is. JK Super Cement – OPC (43) can be used to plaster internal walls, external walls and ceiling.

The concrete mix ratio, i.e., the ratio of cement, sand and aggregates, can differ across construction requirements. For beams, slabs and columns, a mix of 1 : 1.75 : 3.5 is recommended using JK Super Cement – OPC (43). For foundations and prestressed concrete, the recommended mix ratio is 1 : 1.25 : 2.5 and for plain cement concrete, 1 : 2.5 : 4.5.

OPC 43-S grade cement is a variant of OPC 43 made for railway sleepers.

The manufacturing of OPC 43 must conform to IS 455 : 2015.