JK Super Cement - PSC

A premium Super PSC, suitable for all kinds of specialised construction applications

About JK Super PSC

JK Super Cement (PSC) is a well-grounded mixture of best quality clinker with lime & silica rich GGBS (Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag) having high glass content. It is termed as Portland Slag Cement & is confirmed to IS 455:1989.

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Benefits of JK Super PSC

Better Long-term Strength

Sulphate & Chloride Resistant

Low Heat of Hydration

Eco Friendly Product


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Applications Of JK Super PSC

JK Super PSC can be used in the following structures:

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    Build cement slabs of varying thicknesses that can be used to form floors or roofs.

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    Create a safe load path with horizontal structures made from durable JK Super Cement.

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    Build a strong foundation for supporting buildings and efficiently transmitting the load to the earth.


Portland Slag Cement (PSC) is manufactured by intimately grinding Portland clinker with granulated slag, gypsum and additives.

Slag is a by-product of smelting ores. It mainly comprises glass containing silicate and alumino-silicate of lime and other bases. In the case of blast furnace slag, slag is obtained from processing iron in a blast furnace or an electric pig iron furnace. The molten slag is rapidly chilled with water or steam and air. The solid slag is further processed to form granulated slag.

Portland Slag Cement conforms to IS 455: 2015.

JK Super Cement – PSC comprises ingredients that form an additional cementitious Calcium Silicate Hydrate (CHS) gel. This gel gives additional strength and durability to the structures over the years.

Yes, JK Super Cement – PSC can be used for decorative purposes. It offers a smooth surface finish for better aesthetics.

A higher fineness increases the rate of strength gain in cement. Per Indian Standard (IS) 455: 2015, Portland Slag Cement must exhibit specific surface of 225 m2/kg and greater. JK Super Cement – PSC has a fineness of 310+ m2/kg.

PSC is a preferred cement type for marine works. It is resistant to sulphates and chlorides typically present in coastal areas, underground soil/water etc.

In PSC, Portland clinker is intimately ground with slag. In the case of Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC), Portland clinker is intimately ground with pozzolanic particles like fly ash.