Find out what products you need when building a home

Constructing a home requires proper planning which can be achieved with the appropriate tools by your side. Each surface of your home typically requires specific products which you can now find out with the JKC 3D Product Predictor. From ceilings and floors to roofs and walls, know which area of your home will require which JKCement product.

About JKC 3D Product Predictor

The JKC 3D Product Predictor is a home construction planning tool that allows you to predict the various construction materials required. Our Product Predictor comprises a 3D model of a house and you can select an area of the house to check which product works best for that particular area. Find out which JKCement product you would need for the roofs, interior and external walls, furniture, flooring and more.

How to Use

  1. Select a number. The number corresponds to a particular area of the 3D model of the home.
  2. Check the specific JKCement product used in that area of the home.
  3. Change the viewing angle and zoom in and out of the 3D model for better visualisation.

How Does A Product Predictor Help

Know the benefits of JKC 3D Product Predictor for home construction:

  • Know the most suitable construction products for different surfaces and areas.
  • Make informed decisions quickly.
  • Save time spent on product research.
  • Easily estimate the cost of the suggested products.
  • Better visualisation of the end product.

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What is a Product Predictor?

A Product Predictor for construction is a 3D model to help you identify the right products you can use when building your house. It provides specific product details that you can use on different surfaces, including exterior and interiors.  

How can I use the Product Predictor?

Here is how you can use the Product Predictor for construction planning: 

  1. Click on numbers associated with different surfaces to get the product details.  
  2. To view the 3D-model from different angles, click and drag your mouse or perform a one-finger drag (if you are using a touchscreen). 
  3. To zoom in-and-out, double-click anywhere on the model or scroll with your mouse. For touchscreens, you can pinch to zoom. 
  4. Move the 3D-model left, right, up, or down, use the right-click and drag your mouse or perform a two-finger drag on a touchscreen device. 

What are the uses of JK Super Cement?

JK Super Cement is a versatile construction material used for various applications, including construction of slabs, beams, laying foundations for buildings, and general construction work. 

Why is grout necessary for installing tiles?

Grout is essential for tile installation because it fills the gaps between the tiles, prevents moisture penetration, and enhances the appeal of the tiled surface.  

What is the difference between cement plaster and gypsum plaster?

Cement plaster is a conventional plastering material made from cement, sand, and water, which is suitable for both interior and exterior surfaces. Whereas Gypsum plaster is primarily used for interior surfaces to enhance the aesthetic appeal.  

Can I use white cement to plaster external walls?

Yes, you can. You can use white cement for external wall plastering. It offers a smooth, attractive finish and can be used as a base coat before applying paint or other finishes. 

What are the benefits of wood finishes?

Benefits of wood finishes include: 

  • Protection against moisture, and other wearing elements. 
  • Enhances the appearance of the wood.  
  • Extends the lifespan of wooden structures and furniture. 

What can I use to make my terrace water repellent?

You can use the JK Super Strong Weather Shield to prevent water from penetrating the terrace surface.