Questions to ask your contractor while choosing wall putty

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The What, Where, Why, and How of Wall Putty. 

This list of answers has got you covered!

Your home is the treasure chest of your dreams, and as you make choices to bring it to life, wall putty is often one of the last things you consider. You’re so busy choosing your favourite shade of paint that you don’t pay much attention to the not-so-obvious yet essential element, the wall putty. It ends up being bought without much thought. 

Read on to understand the foundation of your paint and finish, and create a list of questions you should ask your contractor before choosing a wall putty.


Wall Putty vs White Cement vs Primer – how similar or different are these?

This is one of the most common questions asked of contractors, and the answers are pretty straightforward. Wall putty is a blend applied directly over the concrete surface, as it provides an inexpensive way to patch and even out the whole wall before applying the chosen shade of paint.

White cement is not as versatile. You can use it by itself when filling holes or repairing smaller surfaces but not over a complete wall.

Primer is a mere catalyst, and it is used with the application of wall putty. Applied to help the wall surface to hold the paint better, it gives a smoother finish. A good primer seals off porous surfaces, fills small holes, and acts as a base coat for paint. So, if a quality finish is your game, using wall putty with primer is the way to play. 


What are the 4 must-haves of wall putty?

Higher coverage

The core of wall putty is the coverage it offers. Choose a wall putty based on white cement that provides more extensive coverage along with an absolute white look. For instance, when applied on the walls, JKCement SmoothMaxX Super Smooth Wall Putty covers a larger area (>25% higher coverage), and that too with less consumption of wall putty. 


Smoother finish

Touch is a vital aspect of a wall, and it is defined by the kind of putty you use. Once wall putty is applied, the wall gives optimum smoothness to the walls. Formulated with Micro-Particle Technology, JKCement SmoothMaxX Super Smooth Wall Putty gives your walls a flawless, pearl-like finish. The 96.5% immaculate whiteness on your walls is a visual treat. Its coverage of 20-22 sq.ft/kg. makes it the perfect choice. 



Walls have to face a lot of challenges. Abrasion, dampness, flaking and cracks – the list can be endless. Reasons are rain, excess moisture, water leakages and more – none of which you can control completely. But what you can do is give your walls an extra layer of defence against these issues. Wall putty! It ensures that the walls of your home remain protected for an extended period while looking gorgeous.


Strong adhesion

Just like your home binds your family in a bond of love, wall putty does the same to your wall and paint. Wall putty adds strength to the stronghold between the wall and the paint, providing higher durability and longer life to colours and your walls.


What are the advantages of wall putty?

A million. Wall putty is one of the best things to happen in the construction industry – for professionals and also for residents. It addresses a critical concern of the wall – cracks. Wall putty improves the tensile strength of the wall to reduce visible cracks. This further helps in boosting the lifespan of the wall paint.  

Wall putty helps give a smoother finish to the wall – making it easier to paint while also getting compliments from guests. In the long run, wall putty doesn’t flake or get damaged easily. Especially in the monsoons, it provides strong moisture resistance.

With recent technological advancements, wall putties are made with international standards to ensure that walls remain smooth and durable. Add to it a choice of products from JKCement SmoothMaxX, JKCement WallMaxX, JKCement LevelMaxX – that help you pick the best for your home. Be it looks or strength; wall putty wins in every way.

Is there any word of caution while using wall putty?

If you need the best results from wall putty, you need to be ready for these. Firstly, ensure that you use a mechanical stirrer to get a homogenous paste. There is no option for that. Secondly, remember that once hardened, the wall putty paste cannot be used for finishing – so one has to be quick in mixing and applying the paste. Most importantly, being a delicate product, a skilled hand is needed to get the desired finish. So when you choose your team, pick them wisely.


What are the most overlooked aspects of wall putty?

Believe it or not, wall putty has a date of expiry. Usually, the shelf life of wall putty is six months from the date of manufacturing – but it can differ from product to product. Before you buy a pack, ensure that it is at the stage of its full effectiveness to get the desired results.

The other often overlooked aspect is its packaging. It impacts its utility, durability and workability. Since wall putty soaks moisture from the air, it may go hard over time. It is recommended to choose a brand that pays attention to such details – like the high-quality packaging of JKCement. Every pack has double-layered packaging to keep the contents protected till you open it.

Now that you’ve clarity on the vital aspects of wall putty, go ahead and ensure that your contractor brings you the best of wall putty and makes your home an abode of beauty.

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