JK Super Protect Weather Shield Cement

Keep your walls dry and enjoy a healthy indoor climate with our cement’s strong water repellent properties.

JK Super Protect Weather Shield Cement

About JK Super Protect Weather Shield Cement

JK Super Protect Weather Shield Cement is manufactured through in-house technology. The Water Repellent Additives give the cement the necessary water-repellent properties.

This innovative technology significantly reduces water permeation into concrete and mortar, providing durability to your walls.

Benefits Of JK Super Protect Weather Shield Cement

JK Super Protect Weather Shield Cement
Weather Resistant - JK Cement

Weather Resistant

Corrosion Resistant

Corrosion Resistant

Enhanced Concrete Durability - JK Cement

Enhanced Concrete Durability

Better Workability - JK Cement

Better Workability


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Applications of JK Super Protect Weather Shield Cement

Our Super Protect Weather Shield Cement can be used to protect surfaces from water seepage:

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    The purpose of a building’s foundation is to distribute the load evenly to the ground while also keeping moisture and groundwater out of the structure.

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    Damp Proof Course (DPC) is a water prevention method used in building walls and floors. It is typically applied at basement levels.

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    You can build strong structures with RCC elements made from JK Super Protect Weather Shield cement.

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    Plaster Work

    You can use our JK Super Protect Weather Shield Cement to layer plaster on your wall structures.

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Typically, you should first make a dry mortar comprising our weatherproof cement and sand. You should then mix the dry mortar with the desired amount of water to enhance the cement’s water repelling abilities. Furthermore, you can produce concrete by mixing dry mortar and coarse aggregates first and then adding the desired amount of water. Ensure you use the mixture within an hour of its preparation after adding water.

Due to the hygroscopic nature of cement, it can mix with water if not stored properly. When you buy waterproof cement for construction from us, you can avail of biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) packaging to ensure longer shelf-life of the cement.

The compressive strength of concrete can be defined as the concrete’s ability to withstand load without cracking or deflecting. This compressive strength depends on factors such as the water to cement ratio and overall quality of the concrete.

When it comes to waterproof cement, it does have water repellent properties. However, it can react when mixed with water. All you have to do is thoroughly mix the dry materials, i.e., the cement and aggregates first and then add water. The mixing process may take slightly longer time than it would for regular cement.

The cement blocks the flow of water through micropores to reduce water seepage.

This Weather Shield cement should be cured immediately after the concrete or plaster is set. Sprinkle the slab or plaster with water lightly to enhance early reaction of the cement with other ingredients. This, in turn, facilitates a stronger bond. You can achieve an extra strength of 15-20% if you start the curing process after six to eight hours of setting.