Premium Epoxy Grout

Tile Max epoxy

JKC TileMaxX Epoxy Grout is a stain-free three component based tile grout which is specifically designed for applications on dry and wet areas where staining is expected, such as kitchens, swimming pools, commercial spaces, cafeterias etc. It is applicable on interior and exterior* floors and walls of all types of tiles such as ceramic, vitreous, semi-vitreous, glass mosaic tiles, stones etc. JKC TileMaxX Epoxy Grout is available in standard colors. For best results, use with JKC TileMaxX Epoxy resin kit.

*Prolonged exposure to sunlight may lead to yellowing of the grout.

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Premium Cementitious Grout

Tile Maxx Cementitious

JKC TileMaxX Premium Cementitious Grout is a high quality polymer-modified, cement-based grout with water proofing properties which prevent water seeping down to underlayment.

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Areas of Application

  • Used for filling the joints of up to 12mm between ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles and stones.
  • Industrial application and in high traffic areas.
  • Institutional areas such as cafeterias, school, hospitals and theatres.
  • Wet areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, sterilization rooms, swimming pools and restaurants.



Looking For Effective Tile Adhesives And Grout Solutions?

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Yes. 777- Ultra Flex White Adhesive is suitable for floor and wall in exterior applications.

666-Supreme White Adhesive is suitable for wet and dry applications.

Yes. The existing surface should be cleaned and roughened before application of tiles.

Our products 212, 444, 666 and 777 are white cement based tile adhesives.

TileMaxX 111 is suitable for new floor construction with ceramic tiles on cement based substrates.