Your guide to Gypsum Plaster

Premium Gypsum Plaster

Gypso maxx

The latest product in the JKC Ltd. bouquet- JKC GypsoMaxX, is a premium gypsum plaster made from the purest form of natural gypsum. It is a premium base coat produced as a result of calcination of the raw gypsum under a controlled production process in specialised manufacturing units.
JKC GypsoMaxX is suitable for application on internal surfaces including walls and ceilings.

One Coat Gypsum Plaster

JKC PlastoMaxX is a gypsum-based one coat plaster suitable for application on bricks, blocks and concrete surfaces. Its vermiculite based ß-hemihydrate formulation ensures working and setting characteristics. Its lightweight property improves the plaster's workability, coverage, application and post-usage behaviour, providing a smooth matt finish to the surface, making it ready for painting.


Instant Plaster Bonding Agent

JK Cement Bondmaxx

JKC BondMaxX is formulated with Instant Bonding Polymers which makes it an excellent bonding agent suitable for RCC background and internal gypsum or plaster based wall lining. The unique mix of polymer, selected sand fillers and additives makes it coarse and improves its bonding properties.

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Yes, JKC GypsoMaxX can be used on ceilings.

The hardened material is used to make casts and mouldings in construction.

JKC PlastoMaxX contains perlite as lightweight aggregate which helps in providing a superior coverage.

JKC BondMaxX is suitable for RCC background and internal gypsum or plastered based wall lining.