Masonry Compound for General Repairs

JK Cement RepairMaxX for Crack & Gap Filling
JK Cement RepairMaxX Masonry Compound for General Repairs

JKC RepairMaxX is a ready to use white masonry compound which is used to fill cracks and gaps on interior and exterior surfaces. It is formulated with an advanced Bonding Agent that ensures incomparable crack-bridging ability for plaster cracks upto 5 mm. It acts as a multi-purpose sealer with 4 main applications - sealing, joining, fixing and repairing.

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Areas of Application

Crack & Joints Fillings

Repair Work in The Kitchen

Bathroom Applications

Floor, Wall & Window Joint

JKC RepairMaxX – Launch AV

JK White Cement presents JKC RepairMaxX - a Masonry Compound for general repairs that provides incomparable bridging of cracks & gaps, of up to 5 mm.

Watch this video and learn more about the many benefits of this revolutionary new product!


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The Advanced Bonding Agent ensures incomparable crack bridging ability for plaster cracks upto 5mm.

Sealing, joining, fixing and repairing.

It can be applied before repainting a surface to cover the minor cracks and pores on the walls.

6-12 months

1 Kg, 5 Kg