JKC TileMaxX Adhesives

JKC TileMaxX Adhesives is a range of polymer modified, high strength cement based tile adhesives, suitable for application of tiles and stones on walls and floors. There are currently four types of tile adhesives under this category, 111- Wall & Floor Tile Adhesive, 211- Anti-skid Adhesive, 222- Premium Multipurpose Tile Adhesive, 444- Premium Universal White Adhesive.

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JKC TileMaxX Epoxy Grouts

JKC TileMaxX Epoxy Grout is a stain-free three component based tile grout which is specifically designed for applications on surfaces where staining is expected, such as - ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles and stones. JKC TileMaxX Epoxy Grout is available in standard colours. For best results, use with JKC TileMaxX Epoxy resin kit.

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JKC TileMaxX Cementitious Grouts

JKC TileMaxX Cementitious Grout is a high-performance joint-filler, suitable for filling tile gaps and joints of upto 5mm in width. It can be used for both internal and external applications, on walls and floors. JKC TileMaxX Cementitious Grout is available in fourteen vibrant colors.

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JKC TileMaxX currently has four types of Tile Adhesives, 111- Wall & Floor Tile Adhesive, 211- Anti-Skid Tile Adhesive, 222- Multipurpose Tile Adhesive, 444- Universal White Tile Adhesive.

JKC Epoxy Grout is a three-component tile grout and those three components are Hardener, Resin and Filler. JKC Cementitious Grout is a cement based tile grout. While Epoxy Grout can be used to fill tile joints of upto 12mm, the Cementitious Grout is used to fill tile joints of upto 5mm only.

JKC TileMaxX, 444- Universal White Tile Adhesive, is best suitable for stone application.

All JKC TileMaxX adhesives come in 20kg pack size.