Buying a new home – Here’s why you should insist on JKCement Wall Putty Range for your walls

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Buying a new home means making many important decisions. Here’s why you should insist on the JKCement Wall Putty Range for your walls.

A house is made of bricks and beams. What makes yours unique to you is your hopes and dreams! From SRK to every common man, buying their first home is a dream that takes a lot of time and effort, and it is one of the most critical decisions one will make in life. Therefore, it comes with several duties and a long checklist to ensure nothing goes wrong. 

Many factors must be considered to ensure a trouble-free home purchase, from selecting the location to filling out the paperwork. Once the tedious process is over, and you are ready to move in, the most exciting part begins! Decorating your home with the help of your loved ones is a joyful experience. From selecting furniture to purchasing kitchen appliances and home decor items that complement your home’s theme, you put a lot of time, effort and thought into each and every purchase.

Amongst the long list of tasks before moving in, you need to get your house painted. Most homeowners believe their involvement should be about choosing the colour, texture and style. But that’s not true, and it’s just the tip of the iceberg.  

Having said that, there are certain critical decisions that you must be involved in to ensure the walls turn out to be beautiful, smooth and long-lasting. Selecting the right wall putty and its correct application is one of them. Yes, you read that correctly: wall putty plays a vital role before you choose your paint. Here’s why:

Great design is in the details, whether you are decorating your first or fifth home. 

When we talk about the details, we mean everything that makes a house feel like a home. Wall putty is one such detail that we often overlook, wherein it is one of the most crucial components of your foundation.

Wall putty is a white cement-based powder made of polymer and other minerals that improves the appearance of the wall. Primarily used to fill cracks and holes in walls and to prepare an even wall surface prior to painting. Don’t we all want a pearl-like finish on our home decor when moving into a new place? JKCement SmoothMaxX Super Smooth Wall Putty can improve the appearance of the interior and exterior surfaces in a variety of ways. For example, it provides a monolithic premium finish to your house’s painted surfaces, making it look plush and polished, and it also provides 95% more paint coverage to your walls than other wall putties.

JKCement’s range of wall putties are your best bet because we offer the highest quality wall putties with unrivalled white coverage. JKCement is the world’s leading white cement manufacturer, and it has become the preferred choice of many Indian households and construction companies for home improvement and construction needs.

Advantages of JKCement’s range of Wall Putty:

Wall Putty adheres well to the base concrete or plastered surfaces. As a result, when applied to your home’s exterior or interior walls, it can create a smooth undulating surface for a beautiful paint finish. Some of their benefits include:

  • Improving the wall’s tensile strength.
  • Extending the life of the paint on the walls.
  • Is a low-cost method of reducing the amount of paint used on the walls.
  • Protecting with its moisture-resistant properties.
  • Delivering a better finish to enhance the paint.
  • Does not flake off or break easily.
  • Giving the walls a glossy, smooth, and appealing finish that brings out the true colour of the paint.

Now that you understand the significance of wall putty and its benefits, you should also be aware that the brand you select is important. Never buy loose packets off the shelf because people tend to cut corners without considering what they will lose in the long run. Many believe using the highest quality paint will result in the best finish, but this is not true. Before applying paint, it is critical to apply a generous layer of wall putty to provide a smooth canvas for the paint to settle on.

When there are undulations on the plastered surface, wall putty comes in handy. A thick coat of wall putty can smooth and seal the surface. As a result, the use of wall putty is required to achieve the desired levelled surface. Make informed product selections. If you want to discover which product is best for you, read the blog: A Guide About JKCement’s Range of Wall Putty

Beyond furniture and accessories, the first things that catch the eye are the walls, floors, and ceiling. Therefore, if you want to improve the appearance of your walls and protect them with a putty that is damp resistant, efflorescence resistant, versatile, extends the paint’s life, has high compressive and tensile strength, withstands heat stress, humidity, and moisture, and provides you with a premium quality finish, along with the brightest of the whiteness and long-lasting coverage, look no further and select only JKC WallMaxX putty.

Let us transform an empty space into a welcoming and warm abode.

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