A Guide About JKCement’s Range of Wall Putty

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Wall putty plays a key role in providing ideal traits such as optimum finishing and quality to the interior and exterior surfaces of your home.  Ever since its inception, wall putty has been the one stop solution for all wall imperfections and undulations. 

There are several wall putty companies in the market, but the top wall putty brand in India i.e JKCement has a wide range of wall putties that offer higher coverage, along with greater tensile adhesion strength. Furthermore, it also imparts absolute whiteness, sleek finish, water resistance and other features to the walls of your home or office. Let’s explore JKCement’s impressive MaXX range of wall putties in detail.

JKCement WallMaxX White Cement Based Putty 

Formulated with Abrasion Resistant Technology (A-R-T), JKCement WallMaxX White Cement Based Putty provides 5.85 N/mm2 compressive adhesion strength, 90% abrasion resistance, smooth, glossy and durable finish to the walls of your home and also protects them from cracking and peeling. 

JKCement WallMaxX wall putty is also one of the most preferred choices of wall putty among Indian households and the construction industry which truly fulfills its brand promise, #DeewareinBolUthengi.

The subtype of JKCement WallMaxX is JKCement WallMaxX Professional Wall Putty which is made with Xtra Long Life Polymers (XLLP). It is used by professionals for multi-storied or large-scale construction projects as it offers a highly durable base coat for resistance against abrasion and flaking.

JKCement ShieldMaxX Universal Waterproof Putty

Ideal for the interior and exterior surfaces of your home, the JKCement ShieldMaxX wall putty provides 0.3 Kg/m2h0.5 water resistance, 6 N/mm2 compressive strength, anti-efflorescence and velvet-like finish to the painted surfaces. 

Its Active SiH4 Molecules when reacting with Silica particles create multiple layers of tightly knit and impregnable micro webs, which lead to water repellence, thus highly protecting the walls from dampness.

JKCement SmoothMaxX Super Smooth Wall Putty

Considered one of the premium wall putties, JKCement SmoothMaxX wall putty with Micro-Particle Technology offers greater than 95% whiteness and 25% enhanced paint coverage. It provides a complete matric for a monolithic pearl-like finish to the interiors and exterior painted surfaces of your home.

JKCement LevelMaxX White Cement Based Leveller range

As a polymer modifying self-curing mortar and white cement-based leveller, the JKCement LevelMaxX wall putty covers up the undulations and fills the fine pores of all kinds of internal and external thin plaster and levelling applications to give a white levelled surface. It can be used in humid, dry or wet environments and has a shelf life of 6-12 months.

JKCement LevelMaxX Plus another variant of JKCement LevelMaxX wall putty, with Active Bonding Polymer technology, provides a thickness of up to 25 mm and safeguards the walls from extreme effects of moisture such as warping or swelling. Furthermore, it is curing-free and shrinkage-resistant and maintains a normal surface temperature by reflecting the adverse heat of the sun. It can be applied to fly ash and clay bricks, CLC blocks, AAC and concrete blocks, etc.

To wrap it up, JKCement’s MaxX range of wall putties not only beautifies your homes but also adds to their strength and durability. If you are thinking of building your dream home, explore the incredible wall putty and its variants from JK Cement today!

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