How to Create DIY Creative Decor with White Cement?

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Looking for ideas to elevate your home decor? Don’t worry, your search ends here! All you need is JKCement’s range of white cement products. As one of the top white cement manufacturers in the world, JKCement’s white cement range is so versatile that you can create subtle and minimalistic hand-crafted ornaments that are truly in vogue.

Following the above trend, architects are innovating different kinds of aesthetically pleasing home decor with the help of standard concrete pieces. From raw and unfurnished surfaces to polished and levelled structures, the flexibility of white cement is quite incredible. Furthermore, due to the adeptness and durability of white cement in the home beautification and construction industry, it is slowly becoming people’s favourite. Besides, doing creative decor with white cement is also sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Let’s explore the different ways of DIY creative decor one can do with white cement-

DIY creative decor ideas with white cement

Cement Planters

Calling all the plant lovers, this one’s for you. Have you been using plastic planters for preserving your plants? Now it’s time to get over the traditional methods of maintaining your garden and embracing the modern and sustainable ways of gardening i.e., white cement plastered planter, that contribute to home beautification and also save the environment. 

For creating these cement plasters, you can try out the JKCement WhiteMaxX White Portland Cement. Made with state-of-the-art technology and unique raw materials such as premium quality limestone, JKCement WhiteMaxX white cement is ideal for interior and exterior applications like terrazzo flooring, mosaic tiles, walls and ceilings. It offers optimum durability, glossy finish, superior compressive strength and sparkling whiteness to them. Therefore, you can now develop exquisite cement planters with JKCement’s white cement to amplify the beauty of your garden.

How to create DIY cement planters?

  • Get a large plastic pot to carve the shape and cover it with oil all around it
  • In the pot, pour the JKCement WhiteMaxX white cement mixture. Follow the procedure mentioned in the pack to make a lump-free, perfect mixture
  • Take a smaller size pot and put some rocks inside it once the cement settles down
  • Check the pot for any bubbles to ensure that the cement settles well
  • Leave the mixture to harden overnight
  • Once the pot is ready to be taken out of the mould, paint the pots with your favourite colours and place your plants inside it

Candle Holders

Candles are used for a variety of reasons, like aromatherapy and lighting up your home. But, to keep the candles safely, you need candle holders. These candle holders are so fragile in nature that they can break easily. Instead of using such delicate or dainty things, replace them with DIY cement candle holders.

How to create cement candle holders?

  • Apply oil on the sides of a disposable paper cup
  • Mix JKCement WhiteMaxX white cement with water and make the mixture stable and lump-free
  • In a container, pour the cement mixture and carve out the extra cement from the sides and edges
  • Place a small bowl with a size similar to a candle and carve the shape
  • Leave the cement to dry overnight and take out the candle holder from the cup
  • With sandpaper, even out the edges of the candle holder

Desk accessories

Customise your desk space with sophisticated and elegant desk accessories developed through JKCement’s variety of white cement products.

How to create DIY desk accessories?

  • Pour the white cement mixture into objects of different shapes such as old trays
  • To get the curve, place a weight of the preferred shape
  • Let it dry overnight and then take it out
  • Polish the desk accessories and paint them to get a vibrant look

DIY decor is the new trend in the home beautification industry. Therefore, by using JKCement’s MaxX range of white cement, you can develop smooth, highly durable, strong, eccentric and artistic home decor objects like flower vases, candle holders and other ornamental accessories. Furthermore, for sealing, joining, fixing or repairing any cracks and crevices on your own, you can try JKCement RepairMaxX Masonry Compound for General Repairs.

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