Why is JKCement’s Range of Wall Putty the Perfect Choice for Building Your Next Home?

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Everyone dreams of building their new home with immaculate furnishing, smooth interior and exterior walls, and spectacular views from the outside. The new home reflects all their aspirations, unique style and passions beautifully. If you are thinking to build your dream home, what type of wall putty would you choose for its architectural styling?

When it comes to more in-depth planning for the construction of a new home, it’s often observed that people attempt to reduce their construction expenses by not applying wall putty on their home walls before painting. But, what they do not realise is that without the wall putty application, the home walls can form cracks, flakes and also peel off the paint from the surface.

Thus, it is integral to add the touch of wall putty to your home walls for ensuring their durability. As one of the best wall putty brands in India, JKCement provides a wide selection of wall putties that are renowned for their superior whiteness, stronger adhesion, greater coverage, and water resistance. Let’s explore what is a white cement-based wall putty and how JKCement’s range of wall putty is the perfect choice for building your dream home.

What is a White Cement-based Wall Putty?

A wall putty plays a vital role in generating a protective layer for the purpose of painting walls or ceilings. White cement-based wall putty is a white cement-based fine building material that restores surface finishing and fixes flaws like dents, cracks, holes and ensured superior smoothness to the surfaces. Additionally, it provides the best finishing for cement or concrete plastered ceilings and walls, making it ideal for interior and exterior home beautification.

Understanding the Features of JKCement’s range of Wall Putties

1. Longer paint life

Applying wall putty before painting the walls is necessary. It is to ensure that the texture of paint on the walls and its surface is smooth to touch. The JKCement’s wall putty and its variants especially, JKCement ShieldMaxX Universal Waterproof Putty is designed with advanced German technology which aids in safeguarding the home walls from efflorescence and dampness for the durability of the paint.

2. Appropriate for application on interior and exterior surfaces

The JKCement’s white cement-based wall putties are ideal for application on both the inside and outside walls of the home as they provide overall protection against various factors such as crack formation and flaking.

3. Levelling of surfaces

As JKCement is one of the leading white cement-based wall putty manufacturers, their wall putty particularly their JKCement LevelMaxX White Cement Based Leveller acts as a white cement-based leveller and a polymer modifying self-curing mortar. It provides an incredible 25mm thickening of levelled surface for interior and exterior home surfaces by covering up the undulations and filling the fine pores of these surfaces.

 Furthermore, it is shrinkage-resistant, curing-free and maintains normal surface temperatures via deflecting solar heat.

4. Higher coverage

Get optimum and higher coverage on your walls with the JKCement SmoothMaxX Super Smooth Wall Putty. It adds a smooth and glossy finish to your walls with enhanced paint coverage.

5. Abrasion resistance

The MaxX range of wall putties developed by JKCement like the JKCement WallMaxX White Cement Based Putty has a 90% high abrasion resistance rate and can be applied on dry walls, concrete walls, ceiling surfaces, and cement-based plaster.

6. Strong adhesiveness

The JKCement’s MaxX range of wall putties has superior adhesion, thus increasing the life of your home walls.

Using the MaxX range of Wall Putty in building your house can refine its architectural style and layers of protection. You can also check out the myriad range of JKCement home construction and beautification products, and make the right choice for your home.

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