Top 4 reasons why JKCement Range of Wall Putty is Better than Other Wall Putties in the Market

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The beautiful and aesthetically pleasing elements of your home are subjected to various adverse effects of external and internal environmental factors that result in flaking, chipping of paint from your walls, dampness, efflorescence, and much more. 

One of the top manufacturers of wall putty in the country, JKCement has a wide range of wall putty to meet all your requirements and provide the perfect solutions to all your home beautification needs. 

In order to ensure that the wall putty applied on your walls is effective, certain points have to be considered like coverage, water resistance, finish, bonding and durability. Here, we will explore how the range of wall putty from JK Cement Limited is better than other wall putties.

Let’s take a look at some of these integral points to decide which wall putty will be perfect for your home. 

4 Amazing Benefits of Using JKCement’s Range of Wall Putty

Higher coverage

JKCement, one of the top 5 wall putty brands in India, has created a wide array of home construction products, including gypsum plaster and white cement. Since their wall putties are based on white cement, they offer greater coverage, absolute whiteness, superior adhesion and a smooth matte finish.

In comparison to other wall putties available in the market, wall putty from JKCement, particularly their JKCement SmoothMaxX Super Smooth Wall Putty when applied on the walls covers a larger amount of area (>25% higher coverage), and that too with less consumption of wall putty.

Gives a smooth finish

Before making a decision regarding what wall putty is ideal for your house, one thing to be checked is that after the wall putty is applied on the walls, does it make them smooth to touch? This is where JKCement SmoothMaxX comes in.

The JKCement’s MaxX range of wall putties, especially their JKCement SmoothMaxX Super Smooth Wall Putty, provides optimum smoothness to the walls. Formulated with Micro-Particle Technology, this wall putty aims to give your walls a flawless, pearl-like finish with their complete matrix. Furthermore, it provides 96.5% immaculate whiteness to your walls and a coverage of 20-22 Sq.ft/Kg.


Protection is one of the most integral factors when it comes to purchasing a wall putty. Since the exterior and interior areas of a home can be affected by abrasion, dampness of walls, flaking and crack formation caused by various factors like rain, excess moisture, water leakages etc., your walls need an extra layer of defence against these issues.

Therefore, JKCement’s wall putty and its variants such as their JKCement ShieldMaxX Universal Waterproof Putty and JKCement WallMaxX White Cement Based Putty ensure that the walls of your home remain protected for a longer period of time against the above-mentioned factors.

Strong adhesion

The JKCement’s MaxX range of wall putty has incredibly strong adhesion. They add strength to the stronghold between the wall and the paint and thus providing higher durability and longer life to paints

With its immaculate and renowned legacy of developing white cement, wall putties and other value-added products, JKCement makes sure that your home remains beautiful and strong for a  longer period of time. Henceforth, you will be truly making the best choice in selecting the MaxX wall putty range of JKCement to make your home beautiful and stronger for many more years to come.


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