3 Home Decor Ideas to Try This Diwali

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Diwali, the festival of lights is around the corner and its onset brings a feeling of joy and festivity within us. And the most fun part about this festival is getting our homes cleaned and brightened up with beautiful lights and some extraordinary home decorations.

From choosing beautiful curtains to preparing rangoli, Diwali is all about welcoming your guests with grandeur and splendour. Thus, if you are looking for some Diwali home decor ideas don’t worry, you have come to the right place. We have curated a guide for you on how you can beautify your home this festive season with a little bit of creativity and the care of our products like wall putty and white cement.

Diwali Home Decor Ideas

Captivating decorative lights

Jazzing up our homes with glamorous Diwali lights can transform them into a welcoming and alluring space which invites positive vibes. Adding the touch of fairy lights or chandeliers to your balcony or rooftop can give it a regal and elegant look. Here’s how you can do it:

Mix up the decor

Creating a blend of fairy lights, exquisite furniture and showpieces makes way for an ethnic ensemble. It is the perfect home decor idea for Diwali.

Light it up with chandeliers

If you are looking to give your home a royal and sophisticated appearance this festive season, then say yes to chandeliers. You can install them anywhere whether it’s a patio, a large balcony, or a dining table. The ambient lighting of the chandeliers magnifies the room’s appearance as it blends easily with the decor. 

Create idols with white cement

Worshipping Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi on Diwali institutes good wealth and health in homes. During Diwali, you can find them everywhere as these fancy idols elevate the beauty of our Pooja Rooms. Besides getting them from the outside, you can also DIY them yourself with the help of cement.

Invite some fresh energy into your house by creating the idols with white cement for a more crackle-free and sparkling finish. Just put the mix of our white cement crack filler JKCement RepairMaxX in a mold and create the shape out of it. After this, carve out the extra product and paint the statue as you desire. Additionally, adorn the idols with aromatic flower buds to enhance their grandeur.

Spruce up your home decor with wall putty

Being the most awaited festival, Diwali is the time when your friends and relatives visit your house to create happy memories. Considering this, we also get worried about whether our home leaves an everlasting impression on the guests or not.

Hence, the best thing you can do before the arrival of Diwali is to paint your whole house. However, before paint application, one has to apply a coat of wall putty like our JKCement WallMaxX White Cement Based Putty to the surfaces. With its glossy, durable and protective coat, it ensures that the vibrance of the paint never fades away. Furthermore, with its aesthetic, bright and smooth look, it magnifies the appearance of walls and makes them more distinguished and fascinating to look at.

Not only this, but with our MaxX range of wall putties, you can also make minimalistic and trendy wall texture designs such as the Murals wall putty design on your walls to jazz up the wall decor.

Murals Wall Putty Design

A Mural wall putty design is a great idea for making your home or office an attractive space. With handy tools such as flat brushes and scrapers and our putty mix,  you can create mural designs on the walls and uplift the entire look of your home.

Coming back to paint, you can try going for tropical and bright colours like yellows and oranges. These colours easily bring in a festive ambience. 

Diwali is a great time to experiment with your home decor by trying different types of lighting, wall texture designs, etc. Let the festival of lights uplift your hearts and homes with beauty and never-ending happiness!

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