JK Super Cement - PPC

JK Super Cement is one of the premium grey cement brands in the Country, available as application friendly Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC). The product complies with quality standards specified by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) and is much in demand, by both, the retail and the institutional segment.

JK Super Strong is a premium product, specially designed for concrete applications. In line with the Company’s practice of delivering quality products and after continuous and extensive R & D, JK Super Strong has been manufactured with MPET – a new breakthrough technology in cement production that improves performance of cement.

JK Super Strong Weather Shield Cement is a water repellent cement having an integral water repellent property at the cement particle level manufactured through a technology developed in-house called PWRT (Particle level Water Repellent Technology).

JK Super Cement - OPC

The Company also produces Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) which is much in demand for its extra strength and fineness. It is ideal for all kinds of construction jobs and concrete components production.

JK Super Cement - PSC

Portland Slag Cement (PSC) is an intimately interground mixture of Portland Cement Clinker & granulated slag (Non-metallic) which is a by-product of Iron Blast furnace from steel plant. It is termed as Portland Slag Cement & is confirmed to IS 455:1989.

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