Vastu Shastra Principles for Bed Placement and Sleeping Directions

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bed location as per vastu

As per Vastu Shastra, the positioning of your bedroom can have a significant impact on your sleep. It considers the alignment of the bedroom, placement of beds and sleeping directions as crucial factors in creating an environment conducive to a peaceful sleeping experience. With this blog, explore how simple adjustments as per Vastu Shastra for bedroom location and sleeping orientations can promote a more rejuvenating sleeping experience in your everyday life.

Ideal Locations for Bedroom as per Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra offers precise guidance on where to position bedrooms within a home for optimal energy flow and well-being. Here are key considerations:

Where to build a bedroom:

Emphasise on South-West corner:

Vastu Shastra recommends the southwest corner of the house for the main bedroom. This direction is believed to foster stability and strength in personal life. 

Considerations for spacious plots:

In larger plots, it is suggested to leave the northwest part of the north side adjacent to the living room for the bedroom. It can enhance the flow of positive energies within the space.

Directional influence:

The direction in which one sleeps also impacts sleep quality and well-being. For example, a north-side bedroom with the head towards the east or south encourages better sleep.

Specific bedroom orientations:

Different directions are suggested for bedrooms. It includes west-side bedrooms for children and east-side bedrooms for unmarried children or guests.

Locations to avoid:

Negative directions:

Certain directions are advised against for bedrooms. For instance, having a bedroom in the southeast direction of the building may result in unnecessary conflicts between couples. Having a bedroom in the northeast direction should be avoided as it is believed to bring uncertainties in life and increased sickness.

Bedroom in the middle of the building:

It is recommended to avoid placing bedrooms exactly in the middle of the building to maintain a balanced energy flow.

Best Bed Position as Per Vastu Shastra

As per Vastu, your bed location should be the main southwest corner of the room. It is good to have heavier furniture in this corner, and your bed should ideally be placed towards the south or west of this corner. This setup is believed to bring stability and calming energy for better sleep. 

Furthermore, if your home does not perfectly match east-west or north-south directions, it is important to avoid placing your bed diagonally, especially towards the south-west or south-east corners. Make sure your bed sits properly within this specific zone for a more peaceful experience.

Sleeping Directions as Per Vastu Shastra

Here are the recommended sleeping positions according to Vastu Shastra principles:

West side:

It is recommended to sleep with the head towards the west. This aligns with the sunrise in the east, which is associated with Lord Indira. It is believed that this positioning allows for offering salutations towards the rising sun and symbolises appreciation of the divine powers.

South side:

Another suggestion is to sleep with the head towards the south. This positioning is linked to Kubera (the Lord of Wealth) and is considered auspicious for inviting prosperity and abundance into one’s life.

East side:

Sleeping with the head towards the East is associated with Varuna. This positioning is believed to enhance philosophical thinking, beliefs, and practices.

Avoid North-South alignment:

It is strongly advised against sleeping with the head towards the North and facing the South. Yama (the Lord of Death) is associated with this direction. It is believed that aligning oneself in this manner may lead to nightmares, disturbed sleep, and potential health issues.

Essential Tips to Align Your Bedroom with Vastu Shastra Principles

These tips can help you adjust the layout, furniture, colours, and accessory placements within your bedroom as per Vastu Shastra. 

Wall colours:

Use soothing colours like light rose, grey, blue, chocolate, or green for bedroom walls. Avoid marble stones, especially white and yellow in the bedroom.

Appliance positioning:

Place electrical appliances like TVs and heaters in the Southeast corner of the bedroom.

Wardrobe placement:

Position the wardrobe in the North-West or South-West of the room as per Vastu suggestions.

Dressing table orientation:

Place the dressing table to the East of the North direction for better alignment.

Door positioning:

Prefer single-shutter doors placed in the East, West, or North directions. 

Avoid vacant corners:

Ensure the South-West and West corners are not left vacant within the bedroom.

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What is the best direction for the master bedroom?

The southwest direction is considered the best location for bedrooms as per Vastu Shastra. This direction is associated with stability, strength, and prosperity. Vastu Shastra says that positioning the master bedroom in the southwest quadrant of the house promotes a sense of security and overall well-being.

Which direction should the bed face?

According to Vastu, the bed should preferably face either the east or the south. Sleeping with the head towards the east is associated with promoting positive energy and fostering peacefulness during sleep. Alternatively, positioning the bed towards the south is also considered beneficial for a good night’s sleep and overall well-being.

Which place is best for bed position?

The southwest part of the bedroom is considered the most suitable for placing the bed according to Vastu principles. Placing the bed in this area is believed to bring stability, strength to relationships, and overall harmony in life.

Which direction should I avoid when sleeping?

According to Vastu Shastra, sleeping with the head towards the north and facing south should be avoided. This positioning is associated with Yama, the lord of death, and it invites negative energy in your living space. The negativity could lead to nightmares, disturbed sleep, and health issues.

What happens if you sleep facing east?

Sleeping with the head towards the East is considered beneficial according to Vastu Shastra. It generates positive energy flow into your life and enhances spiritual inclination. This positioning is associated with aligning oneself with the flow of natural energies and is believed to result in more restful sleep.

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