800 Square Feet House Plan According To Vaastu

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800 Square Feet House Plan According To Vaastu

An 800 sq. ft house can easily accommodate two bedrooms, a hall, a kitchen, and bathrooms if designed well. By relying on the ancient science of architecture—Vastu Shastra—you can build your dream home and enjoy a quality life with abundance and prosperity. Explore the basic ideology of an 800 sq. ft house plan per Vastu.

800 Sq. Ft House Plan Design Per Vastu

According to the Vastu Purusha Mandala, which is based on one of the most prominent principles of Vastu Shastra, the following are some recommendations for ideal positioning of the different parts of a home:

  • Granary and cow shed
  • Guest bedroom
  • Laundry room
  • Parking
  • Children’s room
  • Septic tanks
  • Toilet
  • Bathroom
  • Entrance
  • Living room
  • Open space
  • Treasury
  • Balcony/verandah
  • Entrance
  • Porch
  • Underground water tank
  • Worship/meditation room
  • Children’s bedroom
  • Dining room
  • Overhead water tank
  • Study room
  • Septic tank
  • Toilet
  • Open space
  • Bathroom
  • Guest room
  • Living room
  • Open space
  • Study room
  • Heavy items
  • Master bedroom
  • Overhead water tank
  • Staircase block
  • Wardrobes
  • Bedroom
  • Provision room
  • Staircase block
  • Storeroom
  • Electricity metre
  • Kitchen
  • Storeroom

Things to Consider When Designing an 800 Sq. Ft House Plan Per Vastu

While you can build your house however you want, you may want to consider the following Vastu guidelines:

    • Your entrance must typically face north, east or northeast direction.
    • Avoid using dark hues on your walls. Instead, opt for soft colours like white, yellow, pale green, pale blue, etc.
    • Place your bed in the south, west or southwest direction.
    • Earthy tones like beige and brown can be used in bathrooms.
    • The bathroom should not share a common wall with the kitchen, bedroom or pooja room.
    • The kitchen should be built in the south-east direction as it is where the fire god resides. If this is not possible, the other option is the north-west direction. The north-east direction is not ideal for a kitchen.
    • The north, east and northeast direction is ideal for a pooja room.
    • Holy symbols like Om or Swastik can be drawn at the home entrance as it is believed to attract positive energy.

Benefits of Designing an 800 Sq. Ft Home Per Vastu

Here are some of the benefits of Vastu Shastra for a small property:

    • Optimum utilisation of space
    • Ergonomic arrangement of the house
    • Proper ventilation and exposure to sunlight
    • Harmonious living with the environment
    • Improved health and well-being of residents
    • Increases positivity in the home
    • Promotes wealth and creativity

Cost of 800 Sq Ft House Plan Designs

To design a plan for your home, you need the right resources, including professionals. Evidently, these professionals will charge a fee in exchange for their services. The following are common costs you may incur for a house plan design:

Architect fees:

The architect designs your home based on your preferences. They must take into consideration numerous factors and create a house plan design accordingly. Architect costs may typically include drawings, blueprints, concept development and can vary depending on the architect’s experience, design complexity and project size.

Interior design:

You can get assistance from an interior designer to design the décor per your house plan. It, obviously, comes with a cost.

Site analysis:

When you’re building a home from scratch, you may also need to get an analysis done for the soil, topography and utilities.

Engineer fees:

You may need assistance from civil engineers to ensure that the house is safe and your design complies with the building codes.

Vastu consultancy:

You can get assistance from a Vastu expert to align a space per Vastu shastra. The fees may depend on the experience and reputation of the consultant, duration, on-site vs. remote consultation, etc.

Summing Up

Limited space may present design challenges for your architect, and they may wonder how to create an 800 sq ft house plan with Vastu. Well, the principles of Vastu are relevant for a building of any size as they are based on logic and knowledge of the surrounding environment. While an expert can create a tailor-made house plan for you by building on the Vastu Shastra principles, you can use the basic outline mentioned above if you wish to design it yourself.

For a home to be Vastu-compliant, it also needs to be strong and durable. And for that, you need strong building materials. Opt for superior quality Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC), Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) or Portland Slag Cement (PSC) for home construction. 


Can I incorporate eco-friendly elements into my 800 sq ft Vastu-compliant house?

Yes. Vastu Shastra enables you to utilise the natural resources present around you as much as possible. You can also consider installing a solar power unit over your roof.

Is it possible to convert an existing 800 sq ft house into a Vastu-compliant one?

Yes, it is. Although a small-scale remodelling project doesn’t allow room for any major changes, you can certainly make some changes in your home to make it Vastu-compliant such as selecting the right paint colour, positioning the stove, etc.

Can a Vastu-compliant 800 sq. ft house plan help create a serene and stress-free living environment?

Vastu Shastra enables you to live in harmony with the nature around you, bringing in more sunlight and fresh air. A house plan in alignment with the Vastu Purusha Mandala ensures enhanced happiness of the dwellers.

How can I customise an 800 sq. ft house plan to align with my specific Vastu requirements?

The best way to customise your house plan is by consulting an expert; you may also learn about basic Vastu principles and try to incorporate them in your home as much as possible.

What are some general tips for maximising space in an 800 sq. ft Vastu-compliant house plan?

Installing storage units in every nook and corner is one way of maximising the space in an 800 sq. ft Vastu-compliant home. You can consider elevating your bed on a platform and use the space below the bed for storage. Additionally, painting your home in light colours gives an appearance of bigger space; you can also fit in mirrors in places which are too small to give an illusion of a bigger space.

Are there any specific colour choices that are considered auspicious in Vastu for 800 sq ft house plans?

Light colours are suitable for bathrooms, kitchen, and worship room. Living room, dining room, study room can be painted in bright colours, while bedrooms should be painted in subtle colours like pink, pastel green, or pastel blue.

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