Vastu Shastra for Flats and Apartments

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Vastu Shastra for Flats and Apartments

It can get a little tricky to find or make a Vastu-compliant flat as one needs to look at both—the apartment building and individual residential units—through the lens of Vastu Shastra principles. Things such as arrangement of the building complex, open spaces, and facilities in the site and the direction of the flat’s entrance, balconies, and windows, play an important role in helping you live in harmony with nature. You can find tips on Vastu for flats here.

Why Direction for Flat Is Important?

The cardinal directions are based on the Earth’s magnetic field and the direction of sun’s movement. An East-facing apartment gets the natural, mellow sunlight from dawn, which has numerous positive effects on the home and people living in it. Whereas a West-facing flat will experience the harshness of the sun. As the sun sets the temperature in the home will rise making it a little uncomfortable for the residents in a West-facing home. Thus, the direction of the flat makes a huge impact on the dwelling.

Recommended Direction for Flat as per Vastu

Here are some recommendations for the flat’s direction according to the direction of the apartment complex:

Apartment complex’s direction Recommended flat’s direction
North North-northeast
East East-northeast
South South-southeast
West West-northwest
    • The balconies should ideally be in the North and East direction so that you can enjoy the benefits of sunlight. The South and West directions tend to get too hot.
    • The kitchen should either be in the South-east or the North-west corner of the flat, and the cooking platform should be on the Eastern wall.
    • Bedrooms, office, or storeroom should be in the South, South-west, or West portion of the house.
    • Bathroom and doors/windows should ideally be in the East so that sunlight can cleanse the home and bathroom.
    • Living room or hall should be located in the North direction.
    • The main entrance to building should be in East or North according to Vastu for apartment complex.
    • Water source and water bodies, such as the pool, should be located in the North-east corner of the property.
    • Big trees should be in the South and West sides of the apartment complex and small plants and garden can be positioned in the North-east corner as well.
    • Power backup unit should be placed in the South-east corner.
    • If you are looking for a with room for worship in it, consider one which has this room in the North-east corner. The early dawn invites morning sunlight into this area of the flat making it a perfect place to worship, meditate, or perform yoga.

Main Door Entrance Design for Flats: Vastu Do’s and Don’ts

The main door of a flat is considered the entry point of energy according to Vastu Shastra. It is believed that every time you enter the flat, you activate the energies related with that portion of the house and associated direction. Thus, Vastu Shastra recommends that the main door must be located in directions that invoke the most beneficial energy for the home dwellers.

It is better to prefer a flat with the main door in the North-west direction in such cases. You should avoid a flat that opens to the South-west direction.

It is believed that a flat whose entrance is in the same direction as the entrance of the building is more auspicious. Additionally, it is better if the door opens inside in a clockwise direction.

If the design of the main door is pleasant and the door is kept well lit, you or your guest will feel good when entering the flat. Some people also consider putting auspicious signs like ‘Om’ and ‘Swastika’ on the door to be beneficial. Keeping the main door clear without any obstructions is also recommended; avoid putting things like plants beside the door that obstruct it.

Benefits of Vastu for Flats

Vastu Shastra helps in aligning the natural elements with your house; here are some of the benefits of Vastu for flats:

    • A Vastu-compliant flat allows ample sunlight and fresh air to come in the house and cleanse it.
    • Vastu Shastra can make the flat ergonomically aligned and visually appealing.
    • People can uplift and balance their energies by aligning their house with Vastu principles.
    • It also promotes good health and well-being of the home dwellers.
    • Increased positivity and reduced negativity are other benefits of Vastu for flats.

Wrapping Up

Based on the knowledge of the movements of the sun and earth’s magnetic field, among other things, the principles of Vastu Shastra can be applied to any home and make it an ideal dwelling. The structure of the flat is extremely important in addition to the placement of rooms and orientation of furniture.

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What is Vastu Shastra, and how does it apply to flats and apartments?

Vastu Shastra is an ancient system of architecture that has been used for centuries in India to help people lead prosperous lives in harmony with nature. The modern living arrangements, like a flat, can still benefit from this ancient system of building homes.

What are the key Vastu considerations when choosing an apartment within a building?

Here are some Vastu tips for flats for choosing an apartment:

    • Balconies in the North or East direction
    • Basement in the East or North region to allow more sunlight
    • Entrance to the building in the East or North direction
    • Entrance to the flat in the West or South-west direction

What are the ideal directions for various rooms in a flat within an apartment?

The ideal direction of some of the most important rooms in a flat are listed below:

    • Bedroom in the South, West, or South-west direction
    • Bathroom in the North or North-west direction
    • Kitchen in the South-east or the North-west corner of the apartment

Is it possible to make an existing apartment Vastu-compliant, or do I need to find a new one?

You can consult an expert in Vastu Shastra to synchronise your apartment with elements of nature and live in a prosperous home.

What should I look for when selecting an apartment with Vastu in mind?

Ideally, an apartment should have access to proper ventilation and sunlight. Additionally, look for a flat that has balconies in the North or East direction. You can find more Vastu tips for flats in the above sections.

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