Vastu Tips for South Facing Homes

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South-facing house vastu plan

According to Vastu Shastra, the ancient science of Indian architecture, the layout and design of a house can greatly impact the well-being and prosperity of its residents. The importance of building a house according to Vastu Shastra lies in creating a harmonious environment that promotes positive energy flow and balances the cosmic forces. The objective of Vastu Shastra is to create a living space that promotes the physical and mental wellbeing of its inhabitants. A well-designed house, according to Vastu principles, is believed to enhance one’s health, harmony and prosperity. Keep reading on to know more about South-facing house plans and Vastu.

What is a South-Facing House as per Vastu?

A south-facing house, as per Vastu Shastra, refers to a house where the main entrance or the front side of the house faces the south direction. According to Vastu principles, each direction is associated with certain energies and elements, and the placement of different features within the house should be aligned accordingly. Understanding the characteristics and implications of a south-facing house can help in making informed decisions about the layout and design. 

In a south-facing house, the main doors and windows should ideally be in the East direction. If this is not possible, alternative placements such as Northeast, East of Northeast, or North of Northeast can be considered. This positioning allows positive energy to flow into the room and encourages a pleasant living environment.

Common Myths and Superstitions Related to South-Facing Homes

There are several myths and superstitions associated with south-facing houses. Let us explore some below:

Lack of Prosperity

One prevalent myth suggests that south-facing houses bring financial difficulties or scarcity. This belief may stem from the idea that the south direction is associated with the element of fire, which is often associated with expenses or losses. However, it is essential to remember that financial stability depends on various factors, including personal choices, economic conditions and individual circumstances, rather than just the direction the house faces.

Tragedies and Misfortunes

Another myth maintains that south-facing houses are more prone to tragedies or misfortunes. This belief may arise from cultural superstitions or a misinterpretation of certain Vastu principles. However, it is important to understand that unfortunate events can occur in any direction, and they are not solely influenced by the orientation of the house.

Health Issues

There is a superstition that south-facing houses may lead to health problems. Nevertheless, it is important to note that health issues can arise due to various factors, such as lifestyle choices, genetics and overall well-being. The direction in which the house faces cannot determine health outcomes.

Are South Facing Houses Good or Bad Per Vastu?

Contrary to the myths regarding the south-facing homes, vastu principles state that such homes bring health, wealth, and happiness to the occupants. Therefore, south-facing homes may not be as bad as many believe them to be. 

Benefits of a South-Facing House Vastu

A south-facing house vastu plan is considered as a favourable choice due to the following benefits.

Potentially Low Energy Bills

South-facing homes tend to receive more sunlight during the day. More sunlight means potentially lower need of lights during the day and heat during cold weather, which may lead to low energy bills.

Health and Happiness

Vastu principles suggest that a South-facing house can enhance the well-being and happiness of its occupants. The balanced energy and positioning of elements in these houses are believed to promote a positive living environment.

Financial Success

South-facing houses are associated with wealth and prosperity. According to Vastu principles, living in a South-facing house can be beneficial to financial stability and growth.

Business Activities

Individuals engaged in business activities, especially those involving finance or media industries, can benefit from a south-facing house’s influence on wealth and upward trend in life.

Gardening Opportunities

South-facing homes provide plenty of gardening opportunities due to the large amount of sunlight.

Designing a South Facing Home – Vastu Rules to Follow 

Here are some rules to follow while designing a south-facing house plan per Vastu.

Main Doors and Windows

In a south-facing home, it is recommended to have the main doors and windows located in the east or southeast directions. Placing them in these positions allows the flow of energising morning sunlight into your home. Remember that the entrance is the gateway for positive energy, so ensure it is well-maintained, clutter-free and inviting.

Balcony or Veranda 

If the main entrance door is located in the South side of the building, it is recommended to have a balcony or veranda affixed to it.

Balancing the Elements

To balance the energy in your south-facing home, it is crucial to understand the properties of the elements. The South direction is associated with the fire element. You can balance this energy by incorporating cooling colours such as light blues and greens in your decor. Avoid using too much red or intense fiery colours, as they may create an overwhelming atmosphere.

Placement of Bedrooms

For bedrooms, it is recommended to locate them towards the southwest or any of the south sides of the house. These positions are considered ideal for rest and relaxation, promoting a night of sound sleep. Additionally, you could position the beds in such a way that you sleep with your head towards the south or east direction for a restful sleep.

Kitchen Placement

The south-east corner of your house is considered the most suitable for the kitchen in a south-facing home. Since it is associated with the fire element, it aligns well with the cooking activities. You must ensure that the kitchen is kept clean, organised, and well-ventilated. 

Landscaping and Garden

While gardens are more commonly placed in the north or east directions, you can still create a vibrant and positive outdoor space in a south-facing home. You could focus on using lush green plants, flowers, and refreshing water elements to create a serene atmosphere.

Incorporating Vastu principles in your South facing home can help create a harmonious and positive living environment. By following these Vastu tips, you can channel positive energy, balance the elements, and invite prosperity into your home.

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Is it necessary to follow the Vastu Shastra for the layout and design of a house?

No, it is not necessary to follow Vastu Shastra. While Vastu principles offer guidelines for creating a happy environment, the decision to incorporate them into home construction is a personal choice.

Does a south-facing house bring financial difficulties or scarcity?

No, this belief is a common myth associated with south-facing house plans in Vastu Shastra.

Are south-facing houses more prone to tragedies or misfortunes?

No, this is another misconception. Unfortunate events can occur in any direction and are not solely influenced by the orientation of the house.

Can the direction of a house lead to health problems?

No, health issues cannot be attributed to the direction in which the house faces. Health outcomes are influenced by various factors such as lifestyle choices, genetics, and personal well-being.

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