Vastu Remedies for Northwest Corner

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North West corner vastu

Home is where the heart is, and Vastu Shastra helps to keep harmony and balance within our living spaces. The North-West corner, often associated with the moon and supportive energies, holds the potential to enhance relationships, career, and overall well-being. Read on if you want to know more about Vastu remedies for north-west corner of your house. 

Significance of the North-West Corner Per Vastu Shastra

The north-west corner, also known as the “Vayavya” corner, holds special importance in Vastu Shastra. This corner is associated with the air element and the planet moon. In Vastu, the north-west corner represents the support system, helpful friends, and travel opportunities. Here’is why it is crucial:

Air element (Vayu):

The North-West corner represents the Vayu (air) element. This corner’s energy is closely linked to the flow of air and the atmosphere within the house. Proper ventilation and air circulation in this area are essential for maintaining a fresh and positive environment.

Moon (Chandra):

The North-West corner is governed by the moon, one of the nine celestial bodies in Vastu Shastra. The moon symbolises tranquillity, emotions, and relationships. Therefore, the North-West corner plays a crucial role in enhancing relationships and emotional balance within the household.

Mental peace and balance:

The moon’s influence on this corner is not just about relationships; it also affects mental peace and emotional balance. A well-balanced North-West corner can contribute to a serene and harmonious atmosphere within the home. 

How to Make the Most of Your North-West Corner Per Vastu Shastra

Now that we understand the importance of the north-west corner as per Vastu let us explore some remedies to harness its positive energy:

Keep it clean and clutter-free:

The primary remedy is to declutter the north-west corner. Remove any unwanted items, and make sure it is tidy and well-organised. This will ensure that the energy flows freely in this direction.

Use light colours:

Paint the walls of the north-west corner in light and soothing colours. Whites, light greys, or pastel shades work well. These colours enhance the feeling of space and tranquillity.

Airy and open spaces:

Ensure proper ventilation in this corner. Windows or vents that allow fresh air to circulate are highly recommended. 

Wind chimes:

Hanging wind chimes in the north-west corner can attract positive energy and help in maintaining a harmonious atmosphere.

Crystals and gemstones:

Placing crystals or gemstones like moonstone, amethyst, or clear quartz in this corner can further enhance the positive energy.

Religious symbols:

Place religious symbols like Om, Swastik, and Trishul on both sides and above the entrance. These symbols bring positive energy and serenity to the doorway.

Chandra Yantra (moon yantra):

Installing a Chandra Yantra in the northwest corner of the house is one of the best remedies for north-west corner Vastu doshas in this area. It reduces negative effects and promotes mental balance.

Things to Keep in the North-West Corner of the House Per Vastu

Apart from remedies, it is important to know what kind of items are best suited for the north-west corner:

Study or home office:

If you are looking to enhance your career and business prospects, consider setting up your study or home office in the north-west corner. It can boost your networking opportunities and support from colleagues.

Storage or wardrobe:

Utilising this corner for storage or a wardrobe is also practical. Just ensure that it remains organised and clutter-free.

Artwork or paintings:

Hang artwork or paintings with images related to travel, open landscapes, or harmonious scenes in this corner. Such artwork can invoke positive emotions and inspire wanderlust.

Air-purifying and aromatic plants:

Plants that improve air quality, such as snake plants, rose plants or peace lilies, can thrive in the north-west corner. They not only purify the air but also promote a positive atmosphere due to their aroma.

Benefits of North-West Corner Per Vastu

Take a closer look at the benefits of north-west corners per Vastu Shastra.

Harmonious relationships:

A well-balanced north-west corner can lead to harmonious relationships within your family and with friends. The positive energy attracts helpful and supportive people into your life. 

Career growth:

For those who set up a study or office in this corner, it can help in career growth and networking opportunities. The supportive energy can lead to better prospects and professional success.

Peace and tranquillity:

The light colours and airy environment in this corner contribute to a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere, making it an ideal spot for relaxation.

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What are the Vastu guidelines for the North-West corner of a property? 

The North-West corner, as per Vastu, holds immense significance as it represents the air element and the planet moon. 

  • Keep this area well-ventilated to ensure a free flow of air.
  • Use light colours for the walls, such as whites, light greys, or pastels.
  • Place symbols like Om, Swastik, and Trishul near the entrance.
  • Lightweight decor items and air-purifying plants can contribute to a positive atmosphere.

Can I have a kitchen in the North-West corner as per Vastu?

Vastu recommends avoiding a kitchen in the North-West corner of your home. The North-West corner represents air and support, while a kitchen is associated with the element of fire. As such, the south-east is the preferred direction for kitchen per Vastu.

Is it suitable to have a staircase in the North-West corner according to Vastu?

Having a staircase in the North-West corner is not recommended in Vastu. Staircases, with their constant movement and energy flow, can disrupt the peaceful and harmonious atmosphere that is desired in this corner. 

Can I use the North-West corner for storage or a bathroom as per Vastu?

Using the North-West corner for storage is acceptable, but it should be well-organised and clutter-free. On the other hand, Vastu advises against placing a bathroom in this corner. Bathrooms are associated with water, which is the opposite element to the air represented by the North-West. This contrast can lead to imbalances and negative energy. 

What are the benefits of following Vastu guidelines for the North-West corner?

Following Vastu guidelines for the North-West corner can lead to improved relationships, career opportunities, and mental peace. It promotes positive energy, balance, and support in your life.

Is it necessary to consult a Vastu expert for North-West corner Vastu compliance?

While consulting a Vastu expert can provide personalised recommendations, you can still benefit from following basic Vastu guidelines for the North-West corner on your own. Consulting an expert may offer more detailed insights and better results.

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