How To Calculate Construction Cost Per Square Foot?

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How to Calculate Construction per Square Foot - JK Cement

Constructing a house from scratch requires apt planning. Numerous factors are to be considered but your construction cost stands out the most. You must consider the cost of construction materials, labour, utility and how it can differ based on your location and type of construction materials. Here, you can find out how to calculate the construction cost per square foot and how you can get an estimate of your total construction cost. 

What is Construction Cost Per Square Foot?

It is important to know how much money you need to reserve for constructing your house. Typically, vendors will give you the cost in square foot as it is generally the industry standard. The builder, after analysing the house plan and considering all other construction requirements, will provide you with the actual construction cost per square foot. In mathematical terms, your construction cost per square foot will be your total construction cost to build a home divided by the total area of your home in square feet.

How to Calculate Construction Cost Per Square Foot?

Construction costs may vary from one project to another. Here’s what you need to know on how to calculate home construction costs per square feet:

  • Civil Cost

Civil costs include the cost of raw materials required for building structural elements like plinth, walls and roof, floor work, plastering, etc. Further, raw materials include cement, sand, aggregates, steel, etc. Contractor and labour costs are also included under civil costs. Such costs per square foot can range from several hundred rupees to several thousand rupees, depending on various factors.

  • Finishing Cost

Installation of doors and windows, electric and sanitary fittings, grillwork, etc., come under finishing work. This also includes the labour costs of electricians, plumbers, tile masons, carpenters, painters and polishers, etc. 

Instantly get an estimate of the construction cost per square foot for your dream home with a Construction Calculator.

Factors Affecting Construction Costs

Understanding the factors that impact construction costs is essential for successful planning and execution of the project. 

  • Location

Typically, there is a cost difference for properties constructed in urban and rural areas. Additionally, you must also consider the proximity to construction materials and labour. Transportation costs can add up to your construction costs significantly.  

  • Site conditions

Natural terrain, ground obstructions and existing buildings impact the design and construction of your home. For instance, a cost will be involved to flatten uneven terrain. If you are surrounded by buildings on all sides, you must design your house in a way that facilitates proper lighting and ventilation, which incurs a different cost than traditional home designs. 

  • Material

The quality and quantity of construction materials can impact the construction cost. You will need numerous raw materials including cement, sand, aggregates, steel, bricks, tiles, windows, electrical fittings, paint, plaster and so on. Evidently, the premium the quality of the materials, the higher the costs and contrariwise. However, note that high quality materials, although expensive at first, can reduce the maintenance costs later.

  • Design

Complex designs typically require more materials, labour, special skills or special equipment, which eventually results in higher costs. Other design factors that impact construction costs include the shape of the plane, the size of your home, storey heights, degree of circulation space and the total height of the structure, to name a few.

  • Official approvals

Once your home design is ready, you need to get it approved by your local government. Such approvals typically come with a cost that can be a flat fee or a percentage of your construction cost. You must also consider the cost of regulatory requirements such as pollution control or emissions compliance. 

  • Link to utilities

You will need basic utilities like water supply, electricity, drainage, etc., for your home. If such utilities are inconveniently located, the cost of construction may increase.

  • Labour 

The cost of labour can vary across locations, demand and skill levels. For a typical construction project, you need a mason, painter, electrician, plumber, painter, etc. Skilled labours can get the job done quickly, saving you precious construction time.

  • Professional fees

You must also consider the fees of the architect, designer, engineer, etc., in your construction cost. This cost can vary depending on the professional’s experience, location, etc. 

Ways To Reduce Construction Cost Per Square Foot

Here are ways you can effectively reduce your construction costs:

  • Choose the right plot

An even plot level means that the builder does not have to employ additional resources to level the plot. Uneven or rocky land requires filling of the plot or cutting of rock, etc., which can increase the labour cost. 

  • Hire experts

Skilled architects, interior designers, contractors and engineers can help reduce your construction costs. Professionals have the skill to reduce the turnaround time of the construction, reduce construction errors and get the best price for construction materials. 

  • Avoid changes in the final plan

Ensure you take your time to confirm the design and construction planning before commencing the actual work. If you request changes midway through the project or when it is nearing completion, the builder will require extra materials and you will also have to pay additional labour charges.

  • Minimize construction waste

Construction waste refers to concrete, cement, wood, brick, stone, etc., left over from construction. Managing your materials inventory efficiently will contribute to relatively lower construction costs. 


How much does it cost to build a house in India?

The cost construction cost of your home in India varies across location. It also depends on a multitude of other factors including labour, raw material cost, design choices and site conditions. 

What is the labour cost for construction in India?

Labour cost in India can depend on the location and the skill level. Typically, labour costs are in the range of several hundred rupees. 

How do I use a construction cost calculator?

A construction cost calculator is a simple tool wherein you provide details such as your location (state, city or PIN code) and your plot dimensions. The calculator automatically computes an estimate construction cost per square foot.

*Disclaimer: The information provided above is for general purpose and should not be used as a substitute for professional advice.

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