White Cement Based Self Curing Mortar


JKC LevelMaxX Plus is a water-resistant, white cement-based product which is perfect for leveling concrete, mortar walls and ceilings especially in case of major undulations, It has a unique composition of JKC White Cement, high-quality polymers, mineral fillers and special chemicals, which helps to provide thickness up to 25 mm. It can be applied directly on block-work, concrete surface over rough plaster.

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JKC LevelMaxX Plus Demo film

This self curing mortar provides a strong and long-lasting plastered wall, in less time. A solution to the tedious wall-plastering process, this product reduces dependency on water and sand. JKC LevelMaxX Plus is a ready-mix plaster that can remove undulations upto 25mm. It’s active bonding polymers give a zero-level and smooth surface, to paint upon.

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Yes, the product can be used for leveling external walls.

Covers undulation upto 25 mm.

JKC Cement LevelMaxX Plus is a water-resistant ready-mix plaster that fills up fine pores to give a white, smooth finish to your walls and a zero level surfaces to paint on.