Vastu Shastra Tips and Guidelines for Designing Bathrooms and Toilets

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vastu for bathroom and toilet

Bathrooms are essential spaces within homes designed for personal hygiene activities. As per Vastu Shastra, many negative energies can impact the harmony in your living spaces, and your bathroom is no exception. So, keep reading on to learn about impactful Vastu Shastra tips for bathroom and toilet.

Vastu Shastra Tips for Bathroom and Toilet

Incorporating Vastu Shastra principles into the design of your bathrooms and toilets can significantly enhance the harmony and energy flow in your living space. Here are essential Vastu Shastra tips to consider:

For bathroom and toilet placement:

Bathroom attached with bedroom:

Bathrooms and toilets connected to the bedroom should be positioned on the west or north side for a harmonious energy flow.

Bathroom placement:

Traditionally, bathrooms were constructed on the east side due to the association of water flow with the north, northeast, and east sides. The east placement aligns with offering prayers to the Sun after morning baths, as per Vastu Shastra principles.

Toilet direction as per Vastu Shastra:

For bathrooms with attached toilets, it is recommended to place them in the south or west of the bathroom space.

Placement of toilet as per Vastu Shastra:

Placement of the toilet pot is recommended in the west, south, or north-west side of the west for better Vastu alignment.

Pipelines and outlets:

Bathroom pipelines should ideally have outlets in the east or north directions.

Design and structure:

Sitting orientation:

The construction should enable individuals using the toilet to face either north or west for positive energy flow.

Elevation and door placement:

The toilet should be elevated one to two feet above ground level. The door placement is recommended to be in the east or north direction if feasible.

Water storage:

Taps and water storage in the toilet should ideally be in the east, north, or northeast corners. If possible, avoid the south-east direction.

Flooring and slope:

The slope of the floor should be directed towards the east or north for appropriate drainage.

Colour selection:

Wall colours in the toilet can be chosen according to personal preference. However, as per Vastu Shastra for toilets, light shades are recommended for a soothing atmosphere.


Having a small window in the east, west, or north is recommended for appropriate ventilation.

Dos and Don’ts to Maintain Energy Flow in the Bathroom

To keep the positive vibes flowing smoothly in your bathroom, you ought to know the following dos and don’ts. These tips will help you maintain a harmonious energy flow and work as remedies to correct your bathroom as per Vastu Shastra.


    • Utilise natural quartz crystals, especially those reflecting light at various angles to enhance energy in the space. Doing so in the northwest corner or room can improve family relationships and financial matters.
    • Use crystal pyramids to purify spaces, improve concentration, and absorb negative energies. This can be beneficial if you need to rectify Vastu Shastra defects related to bathroom alignment or conflicting door placements.
    • Regularly mop the bathroom floor with salt water. Salt is known for its purifying properties and can neutralise negative energies.
    • Use purifying incense sticks to cleanse the bathroom space and focus on corners and hidden areas.
    • Address leaks or faulty plumbing promptly to prevent the accumulation of negative energy caused by water stagnation.
    • Redecorate with soothing and bright colours including lighter shades of red, pink, or blue.
    • Ensure proper ventilation and allow natural light into the bathroom regularly to dispel negative energy.
    • Maintain a regular cleaning schedule to keep the bathroom fresh and hygienic, preventing the buildup of negative energy from clutter and dirt.


    • Avoid placing a toilet in the southwest corner to prevent mental tension and health issues among household members. If a bathroom already exists there, convert this area into a storeroom or construct a master bedroom instead.
    • Refrain from constructing toilets in the northeast corner to avoid potential financial ruin and conflicts among the family members.
    • Avoid placing toilets under staircases to maintain balanced energy flow.
    • Do not build toilets above or below kitchens or temples as it can disrupt the energy flow in the home.

Ideal Colours for Attached Bathroom and Toilet

Here are some Vastu Shastra tips for choosing ideal colours for a soothing and inviting atmosphere in your bathroom:

Go for light and soft shades:

Soft pastel shades like light blues, greens, or subtle yellows are recommended as they create a serene and calming ambience.

Explore earthy tones:

Natural earthy colours such as beige, light brown, or pale terra-cotta can create a grounded and balanced atmosphere in the bathroom.

Neutral shades:

Neutral colours like light greys or off-whites can help maintain a clean and sophisticated look while allowing for flexibility in decor and accents.

Avoid dark colours:

It is recommended to avoid dark, bold, or overly vibrant colours as they tend to overpower the space and disrupt the energy flow.

Personal preference:

Ultimately, while following Vastu guidelines, consider personal preferences and choose colours that suit complement your personal style.

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Which direction should a toilet face?

The ideal directions for a toilet to face, according to Vastu Shastra, are north or south. Facing the toilet towards either the northwest, west or south aligns with positive energy flow and is recommended for better energy flow and harmony within the space.

In which direction should there be no toilet?

As per Vastu Shastra guidelines, having a toilet in certain directions can have negative impacts. You must avoid constructing a toilet in the northeast direction as it may lead to financial and health-related issues. Additionally, having a toilet in the southwest corner could result in mental tension and health problems for household members.

How can I remove negative energy from my bathroom and toilet as per Vastu Shastra?

Here is what you can do to remove negative energy from your space:

    • Consider using indoor plants like the money plant or spider plant.
    • Place a bowl of sea salt in the toilet and bathroom to absorb negativity.
    • Keep doors closed to reduce the spreading of negative energy.
    • Maintain cleanliness and ventilation.

Which direction is best for a bathroom?

According to Vastu Shastra principles, the ideal directions for constructing a bathroom are the northwest or southeast corners of the house. Having a bathroom in these directions is believed to facilitate better energy flow and harmony within the home.

What is a good place to build a space according to Vastu for an attached bathroom and toilet?

For an attached bathroom and toilet, Vastu Shastra recommends constructing them in the northwest or southeast corners of the house. These placements align with Vastu principles and contribute to a more harmonious energy flow within the living space.

What is the right place for the washing machine as per Vastu for an attached bathroom and toilet?

According to Vastu, placing the washing machine in the south direction or southeast corner of the attached bathroom or toilet is considered ideal. The southeast direction is associated with the element of fire and is suitable for installing electrical appliances.

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