White Cement Based Putty

JKC WallMaxX is a white cement based wall putty formulated with Abrasion Resistant Technology (A-R-T), which protects the painted surface from flaking and crack formation. Its unique formulation gives a smooth, glossy and durable finish, brilliant whiteness while offering superior coverage.

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JK WallmaxX Resisit Flaking
Resists Flaking
JK wall Maxx putty no chalking
No Chalking
wallmax white cement superior adhesion
Superior Adhesion
wallmax putty longer paint life
Longer paint life


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jk wallmaxx professional wall putty

JK Cement WallMaxX Professional Wall Putty is a white cement based putty formulated with imported Xtra Long Life Polymers (XLLP), which gives longer life to painted surfaces. This professional wall putty is especially manufactured to be used by professionals for multi- storied buildings and large scale undertakings. Its unique formulation provides a highly durable base coat, that resists flaking and abrasion in big construction projects.

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The Xtra Long Life Polymer in JKC WallMaxX provides highly durable basecoat that resists flaking.

The unique formulation present in JKC WallMaxX gives smooth velvet like finish to the surface and gives brilliant whiteness while offering superior coverage.

JKC can be applied to both interior and exterior walls after applying the primer.

Since the putty is made out of white cement, it binds with the plaster and gives extra adhesion to the walls.

The application process involves preparing the surface by cleaning dust and other loose particles and pre-wetting it. This is followed by mixing water to the putty with a mechanical stirrer, and applying the mix evenly on the surface. A second coat should be applied after 4-6 hours. Let the surface dry for 2-3 days.