Super Smooth Wall Putty


JKC SmoothMaxX is specially designed with Micro-Particle Technology which gives a complete matrix to develop an extra smooth coat for flawless, pearl-like finish! Polymers form a thin film on the finish coat and create a smooth surface on the final coat to give it a premium finish.

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A three-way enhancement system

Monolithic premium finish
Lustrous white smooth surface with water-resistant property
Enhanced paint coverage



JKC SmoothMaxX - Pearl-Like Finish

JK White Cement brings lasting beauty and finishing solution for your walls with yet another premium product to its wall putty family- JKC SmoothMaxX- Super smooth wall putty. This revolutionary wall putty sets a new benchmark of smoothness and beautiful walls. Its ultra-fine polymers give an extra smooth coating and unmatched pearl-like whiteness to the walls, along with protecting them from water seepage.

Areas of Application

smoothmax application

Ceiling Surface

smoothmax application

Concrete Wall

smoothmax application

Cement Plaster

smoothmax application


Looking For Perfectly Smooth Walls?

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JK Cement SmoothMaxX is a super smooth wall putty that gives flawless, pearl-like premium finish.

The Micro-Particle Technology used in the manufacture of JK Cement SmoothMaxX forms polymers of a thin film on the finish coat to create a smooth surface on the final coat and giving it a premium finish

The benefits offered by JK Cement SmoothMaxX include unmatched whiteness, superior adhesion and higher coverage.

JK Cement SmoothMaxX can be applied of many areas of that include ceiling surface, concrete wall, cement plaster and exteriors. It is suitable for both interior and exterior surfaces.

JK Cement SmoothMaxX is available in wide range of package sizes: 1 Kg, 5 Kg, 25 Kg, 40 Kg and 50 Kg.

JK Cement SmoothMaxX provides a much higher coverage area of 20 sq. ft. per kilogram for two coats.

As per the data available JK Cement SmoothMaxX provides unmatched whiteness of minimum 95% in terms of reflectance under lab conditions.

Yes, JK Cement SmoothMaxX is water resistant.