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How to use JKCement RepairMaxX for minor repair works at home?

Owning a home comes with great responsibilities. From organizing to maintaining, it takes all to keep a home efficiently functioning.  It also means taking effective steps to fix things that break down with time. 

The maintenance of a home requires strong effort, dedication, and hard work. Therefore, if you are looking to make your home well-maintained and appealing, you can now do it on your own, with the help of our JKCement RepairMaxX Masonry Compound for General Repairs, a variety of white cement. 

White cement, or white portland cement, is considered one of the most versatile types of cement. Why so? Along with building grand structures, it is the perfect choice for treating minor repair jobs like filling cracks and gaps in roofs, ceilings, walls, marble flooring, and ceramic tiles.  The perfect partner for such general repairs is JKCement RepairMaxX. 

Before we get into how JKCement RepairMaxX can be used for minor home repairs, let’s first understand what this cement is all about and what makes it different from other white cement brands in the market.

What is JKCement RepairMaxX white cement?

As the name suggests, the JKCement RepairMaxX white cement is a white masonry compound which is ideal for fixes and repairs.  

The JKCement RepairMaxX is a tough competitor for other white cement brands in the construction industry as it offers unique and better features to its users, such as incredible whiteness, strong adhesion, easy application, etc. 

JKCement RepairMaxX Uses

Here is a list of minor repair works where the distinct features of JKCement RepairMaxX white cement are useful:

Bathroom and Kitchen Applications 

Adding JKCement RepairMaxX to your bathroom and kitchen can help to extend its durability and beauty. Many times, we can see gaps between the bathroom or kitchen tiles caused by soap deposits, fungi, leakages, etc. Thus, it is necessary to fill them with white cement to get smooth, glossy, and vivid-looking bathroom tiles. 

Made with an advanced bonding agent, JKCement RepairMaxX has unbeatable and incomparable ability to fix plaster cracks of up to 5 mm. Furthermore, it has a water absorption rate of 0.2 ml.

Floor, Walls, and Window Joints

JKCement RepairMaxX works as a multi-purpose sealer with four key applications such as sealing, joining, fixing, and repairing. So, if you see any gaps and cracks on the floors, walls, and window joints, this white cement provides an impressive 0.56 N/mm2 tensile adhesion strength to the interior and exterior surfaces. 

Furthermore, you can make a DIY white cement wash by mixing JKCement RepairMaxX with water in a 2:1 ratio and getting a 90% degree of superior whiteness on your walls. In addition to the statement, it also evens out any irregularities on the surfaces to create a smooth and ready-to-paint surface.To wrap it up, JKCement RepairMaxX white cement’s simple application, higher versatility and strength have made it the preferred choice for several Indian masons as well as homeowners for DIY repair and beautification projects.

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